Welcome to Drink of Justice!

A Proposal

Will you join our homeless friend Mr. Benson in giving a drink of justice? By sacrificing just one or two convenience beverages a week you can help provide needed resources for underprivileged people in Atlanta. Your contribution will help make it possible for young adults to volunteer 33,000 hours of community service this year in neighborhoods that need a breath of life and hope. Just think, by giving up 3-5 bucks a week you can impact the dark places of our world.

How it Works

Go to https://www.missionyear.org/donate/VineCityTeam or use a Mission Year envelope to sign up for automatic withdrawal. Each month the amount you designate will be transferred to Mission Year and credited toward the Vine City Team goal of $72,000.

Drink of Justice

Drink of Justice is an exciting idea that was sparked in Vine City, Georgia. It is a means to raise both awareness of the injustices suffered by many people each day who are poverty-stricken, and to also raise money so something may actually be done about it. 

On this website you will find more information about what drink of justice is, real stories that we or people we know have lived through, a discussion area for folks to share what’s on their mind and hearts, and a network of links to organizations that are trying to eliminate poverty.


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